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Woodstock, 1969….. oh my god…..

The things i would do to be there

the things I would do to be able to experience all of this

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i need a paid break from life

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, magic and science are said to be one and the same.

In Iron Man 3 the Earth scientist Maya Hansen created and weaponized Extremis, which made people inhumanly strong, nearly indestructible, and gave them the power of extreme heat, at the risk of burning out of control and destroying themselves.

In Thor 2, we learned that the Dark Elves had an ancient magic known as the Kurse, which made them incredibly strong, nearly indestructible, and appeared to have a burning effect, at the price of certain death when the power burned out of control and consumed them several hours later.

Essentially, Maya Hansen’s Extremis is an isolated development of technology that the Dark Elves had created thousands of years in the past.

Does this mean that Maya Hansen would, in effect, be recognized on other planets as a sorceress? I’m gonna go with yes, because that is just incredibly cool.

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Beyond done living in port mcneill. It’s boring, there’s nothing open past 6pm there’s litterly 2000 fucking people here max oh and it rains for 22 hours a day. I want to move so fucking bad so that I can live In a city or some shit I don’t even give a fuck! I want there to be sports events and shit for people over 18/19 years old, I want proper internet not this step up from dial up bullshit! I wanna do shot and live life not fucking ly in bed all day watching movies. Fuck